Mrockland Clinic

A fractional laser is the best type of laser for treating melasma. This laser is FDA approved for helping in the treatment of melasma.

Get Pampered in a Private Beauty Clinic

Enjoying the benefits of minimally or non-invasive health and beauty treatments for multiple areas of the body is enhanced when clients are pampered at a private clinic, such as Mrockland Clinic. The environment and atmosphere are luxurious. The highest quality of customer service will exceed expectations, and treatments are customized to exact skin types. There are no one-size-fits-all products on the shelves.

The Absolute Latest Technology

Machinery, techniques, and procedures are all completed with the best technology science and research has to offer. Some of the newest products and advanced technology are introduced at private clinics. Laser procedures for hair and tattoo removal have been used for the last five years. The newest technology is marketed under the brand name of Spectra and it is better than the CO2 lasers still being used in spas and corporate managed clinics and wellness centers.

This laser eliminates the scarring common with other methods of removal. This laser produces the beam via radio frequency so the machine never touches the skin. It requires zero contact. It has also proved better at removing black ink and dark colors that other procedures can only fade.

Liposuction Alternative

Radio frequency is also the basis used for Vanquish, which dispels fat cells into tiny particles that are gradually naturally eliminated by the body. This is similar to how Kybella works on the chin, but with no injections. Sessions are forty-five minutes in duration and are spaced a few weeks apart. Most desired results take six treatments, but clients begin to see results in four sessions.


A consultation is required prior to any new type of treatments. Depending on the procedure desired, the consultation is free. Individuals meet with the professional in that discipline for skin assessment, a past medical history, and an honest discussion regarding realistic expectations. Procedures are not a substitute for taking care of the body and skin.

Those expecting to have large areas of fat disappear will be disappointed. Procedures are designed for those last stubborn fat cells, mild body contouring, and sculpting problem areas where exercise does not always work. The waist, thighs, abdomen, and love handles on the hips can be exceptionally difficult to get rid of via healthy eating and exercise.

All Kinds of Treatments Offered

Private clinics tend to offer more procedures and treatments than corporate clinics. A comprehensive clinic, like Mrockland Clinic, will include injections, anti-aging treatments, hair removal, and common treatments in addition to the most advanced ones. That provides clients with more choices and more ways to fit costs into their budgets.